Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Run Steelhead Terrace, BC via Westcoast Fishing Adventures


The Summer run Steelhead was a beautiful success this year.

They came early, they were here for the entire summer season, fresh, bright, chrome, sea lice and full of life and fight! 

This family here is from Norway, and the little guys was an AMAZING angler!! I know he will become a lifelong friend of ours! To say the least "He's HOOKED UP!" His grandfather and Father are very nice and respectful, peaceful people, and we will be happy to host you ANY time!

The water conditions were exceptional this year, the waters were high in the late spring, early summer, but did not create any interference with the fishing whatsoever.

This Spring and summer was a delight, meeting new friends, and hosting past reoccurring guests.
We are getting ready for the Fall Steelhead Season, with a couple spots available, and the Remote Spring Steelhead Camp is almost booked up as well.

Fishing has always been an Addiction! With Guiding a Passion! And Adventure is ALWAYS in our Blood!

If you would like to become a angler friend of ours, please visit our web site www.westcoastfishing .ca or simply call us 1-866-578-8552 and we can discuss having you come fishing in the most plentiful and pristine places on earth!

Tight lines!

From the crew at Westcoast Fishing Adventures!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angling Guide Gordon Mckean with another happy guest Westcoast fishing adventures.

Looking Back to a great 2012 season !! We look forward to the Late July early August water with the arrival of the summer run steelhead,sockeye,pinks,chum,coho,chinook all on the saame day !!

For more info on our fishing Adventures visit our website @ www.westcoastfishing.ca

Tight Lines
Gill McKean

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitimat River salmon fishing guides

Mario gets introduced to Kitimat Steelhead with guide Gordon Mckean
Kitimat river Chinook are running hard we are seeing good numbers in the lower & mid river please feel free to contact us to reserve a seat on the boat at 1-866-578- 8552  1-250-638-0021 we still have some open spots. The Skeena river continues to rise we will look forward to guiding this magic river mid to late July for the largest of all the salmon Monster Chinook, we will also be taking groups out to the Cranberry & Kiteen rivers from Mid June to July 30. On another note we are happy to show you our latest production with The New Fly fisher TV program please see attached link see it on U Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iBkpROcQCU More new stuff in our company the Westcoast Fishing Adventures web site is being redone we are looking forward to the new look making it more user friendly. Photos attached are just a few high lights from our spring steelhead camp on the lower Nass River if this trip interests you please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

Repeat guest Craig Freas with one of his many catches spring steelhead 2012

Our Grand slam season will start in August where you can expect to catch all 5 of the pacific salmon with summer run steelhead on the same day while fly fishing the skeena river in Terrace BC.
Skeena river beauty 2012
Steelhead guides photo of Chris & Craig with another Kitimat cromer

                            Tight lines to all from the crew at Westcoast Fishing Adventures.
                                     Gill Mckean Ph 1-250-638-0021 to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Skeena river fishing guides for Salmon & Steelhead

Hello all its spring & the Steelhead are running we have started another season this is a big one being that we have 16 years of getting guests from around the world hooked up to world record Salmon & Steelhead on the Skeena,Nass,Kitimat rivers. We are also proud to be an Orvis endorsed fly fishing company the one and only in the entire Skeena drainage that says allot for what we have achieved in the last 16 years. Also we will be adding another element to your out door experience a Steelhead Camp for thoes that just cant get enough of the wilderness experience. This camp will be a first class camp with large wall tents comfortable beds good food complete with wood stove to keep you warm and dry at the end of a hard days steelhead fishing.

We are looking forward to another great season & look forward to hearing from any one that want a truly first class guiding experience visit Westcoast Fishing Adventures.

Tight Lines
Gill McKean
Your host and Guide Gill McKean lands another beautiful summer run steelhead on the skeena river while filming another episode of the New Fly Fisher.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fly fishing Kalum river steelhead, winter runs Jan 4/2012

Fly fishing Kalum river steelhead, winter runs Jan 4/2012 Terrace BC Skeena,Kitimat,Nass
Hello all it been a while since our last post first off happy New Year to all may 2012 be a great year for all.

The weather has been a little nasty to say the least however with out all the water we would not have all the fish, I have been out making a few casts here and there mostly the Kalum river for the fresh winter run that will hang till late march then spawn & make the trip back to the pacific ocean. I have had decent success despite the weather it has been wet however warmer than most years for being January.

I have been testing the New Orvis Helios this rod is proving to be a serious contender with all other brands casting the 14 foot 9 weight is like heaven compared to my old sage 9140 however my old sage has landed allot of fish.

Fishing right now- Good !
Weather- Rain mixed with snow.
Fish being caught Steelhead.

Winter run Steelhead on the Kalum river caught while testing the new Orvis Helios 14 ft 9 weight.
Where Kalum river Lake else river Terrace BC.

We are looking forward to seeing some New faces for our 2012 spring steelhead season we still have some open dates if you are interested in catch bright chrome steelhead on the fly please feel free to contact us just click on attached link for more info and photos of what we offer.www.westcoastfishing.ca from there you can make your choice to contact us.
Contact Gill McKean 1-250-638-0021 info@westcoastfishing.ca

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fishing With Westcoast Fishing Adventures! Coho and Steelhead Salmon!

Pierce Clegg with a fine Spring Steelhead guided by Gill Mckean of Westcoast Fishing Adventures
Coho fishing is slow, The Season will end October 31st, 2011.
The Steelhead season is still strong! Along with the Dolley Varden and Cut-Throat!
Inquiries are coming in daily in regards to our Epic Spring Steelhead Season, if you are considering a trip to experience for a lifetime, please call today. The last week of April is book up, Get a flight seat sale when you tell Hawk Air you are flying with Westcoast Fishing Adventures! Link attached to our web site www.westcoastfishing.ca.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Tight Lines! Gill
~Fishing is our addiction! Guiding is in our blood! Adventure is in our Blood!~

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishing report for the Skeena river,Nass river, Kitimat river, Terrace BC

I just returned from a trip down south to the Thompson river, to shoot a fly fishing show with Mark Pendlington from sport fishing BC.  This time it was my turn to be shown a quality trout fishery, well guess what we missed the stone fly hatch by a week or so and the wind was blowing 80 km but we decided to launch the 18ft Clackacraft anyway, since I had just drove 15 hours.
What came of the trip? A few hook ups with some beautiful Thompson river rainbow trout, I also could not believe the sheer numbers of salmon Sockeye & Pinks swimming by us all day long. Then the real wind hit 80 km with out a doubt the worst I have seen, making it near impossible to row down the river.  There were waves at times all of 6ft high breaking! I said to Mark & Justin at one point "I feel like George Clooney from the perfect storm". However, if I was not already impressed with the 18 ft Clack, we all were at the end of the day and we lived to tell about the ride, but never got the footage we were looking for maybe net time.

The conditions in the Terrace area have been nothing more than tough to say the least.  On my trip home Sept 28 from Ashcroft, BC the Bulkley was blown as well as every other tributary clear down to the town of Terrace.

The Kalum river has been un-fishable since August and continues to be in the trees and over the banks in some areas.

Copper river is living up to its name Copper in color and unfishable.

Kitimat river has been high & very dangerous for anyone with out rafting experience, as there are some new channels being cut daily as well as new log jams. We have been doing some lake fishing while we wait for the water to recede.

The Kasiks river has been high, but fishable off and on we are looking forward to the cooler temps October will bring as the rain will turn to snow, making the water drop and giving us one last shot at some Steelhead & Coho salmon on the Fly. This is my report for Sept 29 /2011 and it continues to rain at this time.

Tight Lines!

Fishing is our Addiction! Guiding is our Passion! Adventure is in our Blood!
Gill McKean 1-866-578-8552, info@westcoastfishing.ca www.westcoastfishing.ca