Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fly fishing the Skeena,Kitimat,Nass rivers for Coho salmon & steelhead

Our fly fishing season review to date August has felt much like September with cooler temps we have seen great water conditions with great runs of all species. Steelhead, Coho salmon, Pink salmon,Chum salmon,Chinook salmon, Sockeye salmon. Well with that said the rain has started flushing out the old Pinks,Chum and any other tired salmon bringing in the silver Coho & Steelhead what a problem to have.

We have been very busy with guests from all around the world most of our groups have been fly fishing with many of them fishing the double handed rods or willing to learn after observing how easy a T 14 tip with a big fly can be fished with ease. As the bulk of the fish make there way up the Skeena river to there native rivers / streams we continue to enjoy great catches of all Salmon & Steelhead.
The rivers are on the rise this week with some heavy rain in the forecast this can make the fishing a little tough however it has its plus side more fresh fish .... All rivers in the region 6 area are stuffed with fish just pay attention to regulations or hire a good guide and you will see and do things you will never forget.

We still have some open spots for Steelhead, Coho, Rainbow trout during September /October please feel free to contact us with any ? you might have about the Terrace area.
Tight Lines Gill McKean

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